Do you sell cotton and rayon ?

No, we do not sell cotton and rayon. We are only selling nylon and end product of various type of  texturized polyester yarn, that means we also do not sell yarn such as SDY, SPH, FDY, SDH which made directly from PET chips.

Do you sell colored or dope dyed yarn ?

Yes, we also sell dope dyed type from our yarn.

Do you sell a yarn with specific denier ?

We sell various kind of denier with each unique characteristics from the yarn which could be seen on ‘Our Product’ page. If you don’t find the yarn that you need, we may also accept all kind of requests since we really like to improve and develop our product event more, just contact us if you have any requests!

Are the stock is ready ?

Our stock state is various depending on the type of yarn and the time of the year. For special type of yarn, we are usually do not have a lot of stock since specific special yarn are only made depending on customer request. For ordinary and basic type of yarn, we likely to have a stock on it since we are produced it regularly. But please note that on some season of the year, some of our yarn are also requested by others just like winter season we had a lot of high denier yarn requests, so please do contact us as soon as possible!

How heavy is a full cones yarn ?

GnC’s full cones yarn’s weigh are vary depending from the type of the yarn starting from 2.5 to 5.5 kilograms.

Do you could make a baby cones yarn ?

Yes, we are likely to make a baby cones yarn based on customer’s requests for such as sample or trial purposes, but please note that we only accept to make a full cones yarn of 200 to 300 gram per cones.

Do you could send me some samples of your product ?

Yes, definitely we could send our product sample depending on your needs, but please note that delivery charge maybe occur. Contact us if you do need our product sample!

How is the Term of Payment (TOP) requirement from your company ?

The TOP status from our company mainly decided by how long have you or your company have been buying from us, your TOP could go up to 30 days. For newer customers, we are demanding for a cash-before transaction.

How much price of your products ?

We always try to give the best and competitive price for our customers based on updated price each month depending on the current market’s state.

What are the advantage of your products ?
  1. We maintain our production flow regularly to ensure that our product’s quality is always at the top.
  2. Full inspection for each cones.
  3. We are OEKO-TEX certified which mean our products are tested harmfull.
  4. Our product usage has over 95% efficiency.